Video Game Creators

Game Screen CapWant to make a videogame but don't know how to code? This six week workshop will introduce you to various free point-and-click tools that will let you make a game entirely on your own.

What will we do in the workshop?

  • learn about and play amazing indie games being made in Toronto
  • do pen-and-paper game design
  • make a level for the gold-gobbling ninja game, N
  • mod an existing game to make it your own
  • get to use game making tools to make your own arcade, text, or adventure game

Another Game Screen CapDates
Every Tuesday, starting February 10, 2009.
Runs once a week for six weeks (until March 17).

Jim Munroe ( is an award-winning gamemaker, novelist and filmmaker living in Toronto. He has run the Artsy Games Incubator for two years, previously wrote a game review column for eye weekly and has written for industry website